Friday, August 21, 2009

You Can't Lead in Fear

Hello Friends,

Its almost a month now that I have got time to post something on my blog. My mind is having lot of things that I can write about but my extra busy schedule at work is keeping me away from blogging.. anyway.. this is something interesting I found in my mailbox.. from Robin Sharma subscription and I thought of sharing the same with you all... hope you like it..

Hi Amol,

Fear ruins more bright lives than you might imagine. Each of us, by virtue of our every human nature, has the potential to Lead Without Title, achieve great things that elevate everyone around us by our model of possibility. But the chattering voice of the fear in our heads stops us from playing big.

I just returned from 3 weeks in New Zealand. I skied Coronet Peak and finished off my new leadership book (due out in May 2010 by Simon and Schuster). And just before I returned home, I had the opportunity to go heli-skiing. Yes, this is where a helicopter drops you off at the top of a mountain, and you ski down.

The experience was challenging, exhilarating and full of rich lessons for growth. Here are some of them, that we can apply to business and life:

1. You don't grow in normal. All I mean by this is that if you stay within your comfort zone, you don't grow. But if you instead stretch and face fear head on by going to your limits, you'll discover your limits will grow.

2. You don't know until you try. It would have been easy to refuse the chance to heli-ski. I could have made a thousand excuses. But Leaders Without a Title recognize good opportunities. So I seized it. And because I tried heli-skiing, I not only grew as a skier, I added another experience to my life that will shape all I do.

3. On the other side of your fears you'll find your confidence. By doing what we're afraid to do because it's beyond our comfort zone, we grow in confidence. The increased confidence I have as a skier because I skied a new peak will translate to increased confidence as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

4. Life's short so get in the game. A rich life is one made up of many rich adventures. Don't miss out on enjoying as many as you can.

In Leadership,

I personally agree with all of th above points. It is so true nowdays when everyone in the orgnisations & in personal life have to stretch that little harder to achieve what they want. The one who dares to go beyond his conventional comfort space can do miracles sometimes.. and those who are at the shore.. still contemplating whether to go ahead or not... tend to lose on time..
Do share what you think.. & how the topic touches any chord of your life..