Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Encounter with Houseflies...

I happen to have a meeting in Penang and had to be in the Juru area. I was surprised to be greeted with lot of houseflies around the area where I had gone for meeting.. I was surprised.. to see so many flies suddenly after so long....

I was sharing with my colleague who was with me... that we use to be greeted with such type of situation while in Pune.. during the time when the palkhi ( march done by people for the saints in maharashtra - during the month of July/August) was carried across the major cities in Maharashtra. Due to the conditions which prevailed during this time, rains, humid climate and people moving around without proper cleanliness etc. house flies was a major problem encountered by the people in these cities.. this was followed with people contracting conjunctivitis, flu etc.. as a result of all this..

Well i just hope these flies in Penang don't cause havoc.. and create another nuisance.

here are some of the pictures.. i took while returning in the evening.. not such an exciting day.. i would say... the day just came and went by..

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How do we shape the future of our kids...!!

Quite a serious question... i guess.. and it is...

We had a party few weeks back at one of our friends place for birthday of our kids.. we had some new families join us in the party and these families had kids who were as such around 6-7 years of age...

The whole time we were there it was mess with the kids not able to gel with each other... everyone is trying to be the boss/leader and nobody wants to be a follower....kids.. now days are not afraid of their parents - did I see afraid.. yes.. well i remember during my time, we were super afraid of our father and one sound from him let us stand where we were....

the kids nowdays are smarter.. and don't want to be directed even by their parents.. we had another character in one of the kids.. apparently a girl and she was the worst amongst all.. she was spitting on the other kids.. violent.. with others and not willing to be a part of the group..

I wonder what this generation will be like when they grow up - selfish, boasting, self engrossed.. egotist..and will this be helpful as a whole to build a better society.. no I don't think so...

Why do you think this is happening.. parents getting too busy with their work.. and routines.. they are fighting to earn a living and make life comfortable for thier family... but end of the day i think  the time... quality time not spent with their kids.. is making the kids.. mentally strained... to get into activities.. which don't seem to be rational.... at all...

in my opinion.. now days.. the early years - infant to about 8-9 years are very critical to indulge the kids into activities which will make the kids accountable and also learn to live in the society in a very conducive way, which can then make things easy for the parents as well when these kids grow up and start bearing their responsibilities...

Sounds very complicated.. well it is not.. what the parents have to do is to make some quality time available from their busy schedules.. and talk to their kids.. and communicate more often... i think this is where the ask becomes tough and one has to then look at doing activities like going for classes with them for thier hobby classes or doign homework with them... keeping an eye on their friend circle... and also what do they watch on TV and internet...

Do you have any suggestions.. please do share them... and let it be an eye opener.. on this aspect...

We all know that the kids are going to be the future & if we don't shape their future properly - how will they make the future better for themselves and their fellow beings..
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Revisiting Simple Mushroom Sauce..

I had published blog on Simple-Mushroom-Sauce in August of 2008.. and this has been the largest hit page on my blog..

The only flip side to this post is that lot of people do view the page but hardly any have left feedback after they have made the sauce... :( well hope people do give some encouragement..

I made the sauce today and my both sons gave a double thumbs up to the sauce.. well the younger one was pouncing to have a nibble at the pasta which had the sauce on it....

Happy cooking...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vegetarian - Eggless cakes in Kuala Lumpur

Eggless Cakes, Vegetarian Baking, Vege Food, Egg Free Products Vege Cakes and Vege Confectioneries / Vege Cakes, Its for ALL

Yes you are reading it correct.... 

We had our son's birthday a few weeks back and we were celebrating his birthday with another friend of his who is vegetarian and needed us to buy Eggless cake.

We searched over the internet and came across - http://binaaz.com/v2/

The cake below is one of the latest we ordered for our 2nd son's who is turning 6 months today.. isn't it wonderful.... well not just by the looks but the taste is really awesome and worth trying for even for the non-vegies.. who might prefer egg cakes...as a change......

Monday, September 12, 2011

Indian Government totally online(Most Useful)

Indian Government totally online 

All Indian government office related links are available... . Kindly save it...... 


*   Birth Certificate <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=1>
*   Caste Certificate <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=4>
*   Tribe Certificate <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=8>
*   Domicile Certificate <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=5>
*   Driving Licence <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi..php? service=6>
*   Marriage Certificate <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=3>
*   Death Certificate <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=2>
*   Search More - How do I <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

Apply for:

*   PAN Card <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=15>
*   TAN Card <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=3>
*   Ration Card <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=7>
*   Passport <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=2>
*   Inclusion of name in the Electoral Rolls <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=10>
*   Search More - How do I <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php


*   Land/Property <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=9>
*   Vehicle <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=13>
*   With State Employment Exchange <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ howdoi.php? service=12>
*   As Employer <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=17>
*   Company <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=19>
*   .IN Domain <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=18>
GOV.IN Domain <http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=25>
*   Search More - How do I <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php


*   Waiting list status for Central Government Housing <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=9>
*   Status of Stolen Vehicles <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=1>
*   Land Records <
http://www.india. gov.in/landrecor ds/index. php>
*   Causelist of Indian Courts <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=7>
*   Court Judgements (JUDIS ) <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=24>
*   Daily Court Orders/Case Status <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=21>
*   Acts of Indian Parliament <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=13>
*   Exam Results <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=16>
*   Speed Post Status <
http://www.india. gov..in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=10>
*   Agricultural Market Prices Online <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=6>
*   Search More - How do I <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php


*   Train Tickets Online <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=5>
*   Air Tickets Online <
http://www.india. gov..in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=4>
*   Income Tax Returns <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=12>
*   Complaint with Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=14
         Search More - How do I <http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

Contribute to:

*   Prime Minister's Relief Fund <
http://www..india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=11>
*   Search More - How do I <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php


*   Send Letters Electronically <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ otherservice_ details.php? service=20>
*   Search More - How do I <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ advancedsearch. php

Recently Added Online Services

*   Tamil Nadu: Online application of marriage certificate for persons having registered their marriages <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2691>
*   Tamil Nadu: Online District wise soil Details of Tamil Nadu <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2693>
*   Tamil Nadu: View Water shed Atlas of Tamil Nadu <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2694>
*   Tamil Nadu: E-Pension District Treasury Tirunelveli <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2695>
*   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Name (2008) <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2697>
*   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by EPIC number (2008) <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2698>
*   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by House number (2008) <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2699>
*   Himachal Pradesh: Revised Pay and Arrears Calculator-Fifth Pay <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2702>
*   Meghalaya: Search Electoral Roll Online by Part number (2008) <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2700>
*   Andhra Pradesh: Online Motor Driving School Information <
http://www.india. gov.in/howdo/ onlineservice_ detail.php? service=2705  
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*   Citizens <
http://www.india. gov.in/citizen. php>
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http://www.india. gov.in/forms/ forms.php>
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http://www.india. gov.in/govt/ rules.php>
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