Monday, April 21, 2008

Finally A Dream come true.. Possessing an Iphone

Hello.. world..

It gives me immense pleasure that I have been able to fulfill my wish of owning The Iphone & this happened I should say almost during my birthday.. since it was sent by my friend Raju during this time, but little postal and custom delays resulted in me getting the piece a tad late.. nonetheless.. I have this with me now.. and one can sure notice the excitement in my eyes now when I am handling this superb Phone..

Hats off to Mr. Steve Jobs.... what an innovation... I was floored when I had seen the launch of this iphone & had decided that I shall go for it.... whenever it comes to the market... Well time just flew by... and recently one of my friends.. showed me this eye catching phone in person and the feel of this phone was like just giving an adrenalin rush.. so that's when I pinged my friend in US for looking for it.. and he too took huge efforts in getting the phone to me here..

It is not just phone.. but camera, scheduler... internet browser, music and what not..... and the more you use it.. the more you fall in love with it... my son is also so excited to see this since he can operate it by just a touch of his small fingers.. .which is something magical.. to watch..

By using this phone one can truly sence the revolution in the technology era.. and sence what is store for us in the next few years... and i should once again thank company like apple to make it affordable & reality for today's world.. Full points to you...

Here is the link where one can get more info...

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CS said...

It’s really good news! I was eyeing this for a long time rather before launch in US. Many a times I have visited the apple site demo of this phone and thinnest laptop many a times. Every time I salute the genius, Mr. Steve Jobes. Most important part of his product is that how nicely he judged the emotions and put the same emotion into device. I am a great fan of him.

Enjoy iphoning !