Monday, May 4, 2009

For the Doordarshan fans.. & Yester years...

I bumped onto this blog when I saw it mentioned at one of the updates from one of my colleagues on Orkut & I went to this link to check out the memoirs of my chidlhood, when television itself was a Liesure & expensive affair... Nonetheless, today the number of channels to broadcast any information across the globe are endless and which has also dissolved our interests of being loyal or consistent with any one particular channel.. anyway I know lot of you there, would bring back those memories of chidlhood.. when we enjoyed.. 

Ghayab aaya
Didi's comedy Show..etc..

More than 60 Doordarshan Clips are available 
(More to be added soon)

All clips are classified into 4 main categories and can be viewed below:

Doordarshan Commercials here.

Doordarshan Program Theme Songs here.
Doordarshan Films here.
Doordarshan Signatures here.

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Smita said...


Thanks for the links....going down the memory lane is always fun :-)they remind you of so many other things!!!