Monday, November 2, 2009

My first canvas painting

The photo that my wife took - she asked me to paint this

My painting

For the last two Saturday's I have been sitting in with my son in his art class; well not near him, but in the outside area, and guess what I was doing?????
I was attempting my first canvas painting. I used acrylics for this time.
My wife challenged me by asking me to paint one of the photographs that she had clicked some time back during our outing at the Mines Park.
I spent some 7 hours doing this; and as said before I did it over 2 Saturdays.

The teachers at the art school did help and guide me during this attempt. Their help did wonders to the painting.

Do let me know what you think of this painting....I'll be waiting !!


Smita said...

U made these???

They are so so good!!! wow!!!

Amolsledge said...

Thank you.

Yes.. I made the painting in the 2nd pic..1st is the pic my wife took.

I myself was surprised it came out so well...

Anagha said...

oh wow!! tht is a really good one Amol,,, one more of ur talents huh :)

Malina said...

Beautiful,Amol!You should nurture this talent for art & continue doing acrylics & oils.

Yaggya said...

Wowwwww....Awesome work of art. Am amazed at the beautiful painting. Also kudos to ur wife for her artistic eye. Great teamwork!

Amolsledge said...

Thank you for your comments..& coming to my blog.. keep coming..

Thank you for your appreciation.. Will try my best to Nurture..

Thank you for dropping by and for your appreciation.. keep coming to my blog.. hope to keep it interesting..