Sunday, March 7, 2010

Top 10 Mistakes In Blogging – Part 2/3

This is a continuous part of the 1st article that I have Written Here. Here’s the next 3 major mistakes made by lots of bloggers around the world.
4. Always Use A .COM To Represent Your Blog
Most people who blog online would use free services like blogger to create their own personal blog. However by this do, you are actually not helping yourself in branding your blog to be a professional blog. It is always recommended to get a .COM for your own blog site.
The recommend platform to create any blog is by using the Wordpress free open source software that can be found at this website
5. Post Articles Regularly On Your Blog
Blogging can be a real tiring thing to do on a daily basics. However, many fail to realized that if they do not update their blog often the chances of getting your blog exposed on the internet would be lessier.
Infact, I have blog for more then 2 years and what I realized is that when you have more content on your blog. The chances of them been picked up by Google can be pretty high once you know how to target the right keywords on your blog.
This in return can help to bring more traffic to your blog and the best part it’s all free. The recommend amount of articles to be posted is at least one blog post every 3 days.
6. Install Tracking Softwares To Find Out What Your Visitors Are Doing
There are various free tools, you can use to track what your visitors are doing. It’s an important element in onlinebusiness that many people always fail to do. 
With these two tools, you will be able to find out visually what your readers are doing on your blog and you will also be able to track what your readers like to click and read on your blog. Which are important information for you :)
7. Interact With Your Readers
An active and successful blog will only be good if they managed to connect to their readers. Getting your readers to interact with you is another important part in blogging. As to what I realized, the more you are able to connect to your readers, the more they are willing to trust you.
Being trust from your readers is important when it comes to selling products to your readers. Once they have trust in you, chances of them getting a recommended product from you would also be higher :)
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