Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Encounter with Houseflies...

I happen to have a meeting in Penang and had to be in the Juru area. I was surprised to be greeted with lot of houseflies around the area where I had gone for meeting.. I was surprised.. to see so many flies suddenly after so long....

I was sharing with my colleague who was with me... that we use to be greeted with such type of situation while in Pune.. during the time when the palkhi ( march done by people for the saints in maharashtra - during the month of July/August) was carried across the major cities in Maharashtra. Due to the conditions which prevailed during this time, rains, humid climate and people moving around without proper cleanliness etc. house flies was a major problem encountered by the people in these cities.. this was followed with people contracting conjunctivitis, flu etc.. as a result of all this..

Well i just hope these flies in Penang don't cause havoc.. and create another nuisance.

here are some of the pictures.. i took while returning in the evening.. not such an exciting day.. i would say... the day just came and went by..

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