Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cricket Fever….. ..

Just last month everyone was talking about the 20-20 series which got the lost fame to Indian cricket when we won the series and became the 1st world champions in the 20-20 series. Not so sure how many had their money on Indian team but I am sure it must have paid well for them J
There was lot of celebration and pomp when the victorious indian team arrived in India. My brother-in-law attended this function which was at wankhede stadium and while he was there, he had called us to tell that he is having a good time at that location. Just a few days later Australia came to India for the India-Australia series and till now we have lost 4 times and won 1 time with another one gone for a wash out. Well I am sure by the end of this series, many of us will forget the victory we had just days back.

But I always wonder how worth is it for us all to spend time watching this game, which has only paid the teams and the organisers a lot of money and most of the times just frustration to all the Indian team lovers. Rather this game has become a national event where everyone is allowed to comment on everything. But I think there should be conscious efforts by us to look at other sports as well and look at getting better at these games. It is not that we don’t have talent and they are not recognised, but it is about providing them with good infrastructure for practising & improving their performance to reach the international competing levels. The kind of money poured in for Cricket is maybe 100 or more times than any other games in India.

Hope we can look at developing other games too in our country apart from cricket since the chances of only 11 or about 20 players playing out of 1 billion population is something too little to think off for the budding sportsmen of the country.

Other sports in India need better marketing too & media (print & television) has a big role to play in this. I am sure there is no lack of talent but it is about grooming them properly and giving them chance to showcase their talent at least locally if not globally.

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