Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poor Ending to a Lovely Program….

I, my family & few of my friends were a die hard fan of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. We use to be glued to our TV every Saturday and would love to listen to the young talents which had gone thru rigorous selection process to be left with last 3 finalists.

The final was to be on 13th Oct at 11 pm Singapore time. We all had planned for this finale and all of us were tired we were keen to see who was going to win and how it all would happen…. But it was going to be a drag and the most depressing final of all. All the time the Organisers had various ways of getting a new experience at each episode. But at the finale it was as if they did not put any effort in creating a grabd finale.. The program was very disconnected and uninteresting. There were too many ads in between and it was as if there was hardly anything left for them to show.

Worst thing of this program was when Himesh the Ugly, boasting & arrogant music director and singer started talking & praising everyone for no reason and at a wrong time. Ultimately when Aneek was announced as the winner, instead of letting the winners talk about how they felt, it was Himesh all the way opening his mouth. It was such a pain to hear him talk and not listen to the young talents expressing about their feelings on the victory and their journey.

My request to Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa producers for future shows will be to leave out Himesh out of the program. He is trying to get too much of footing for the wrong reasons. He is hardly spent much time in the Indian film industry but he is trying to act smarter than the legends in the industry like Asha Bhosle, Kishor Kumar, sonu Nigam.. and lot of other singers who have given better songs and music to us.. I guess the popularity and fame is getting to his head…. Watch out himesh .. time can run out for guys like you.. without.. you knowing it.. !!!

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