Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Dear Friends,

Let us all gather round and cheer,

With a drink of wine or an ice cold beer

Perhaps you're like me and don't drink the swill,

Or your like my grandparents who live on pills.

Maybe this world seems harsh at times,

Or its just that most of us just like to whine.

I'd say that this is a great place to be,

It all depends on how we can see.

True we've had bad things in the past,

But we know in our hearts that these will not last.

If we try our best to be simple and pure,

There's nothing our hopes and dreams cannot cure.

So, I don't know the value this is worth,

But lets all try to be happy and heal Mother Earth!

Happy New Year!

Hope we can do good to others while we do good for ourselves....
Hope we can make someone happy when we make ourselves happy...
Hope we can keep the promise we make to someone when someone keeps their promises too..
Hope we can care for our mother earth when she takes care of us too...
Hope we make more friends and remember them all year through...
Hope we remember god at good times, when he always helps during the bad times get us through...
Lets Hope "Hope" stays with us as always, in this year too!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Neelum said...

hi, amazing thoughts, especially the 'hope' one...keep up the good work on the blog!!