Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Transport between Singapore & KL

This ones for all the frequent or not so frequent travellers between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. There are 3 options available Road, Rail & Air.. well 4th can be Sea but that is something which usually will be rare like Star Cruise and stuff:).

Coming back to 3 options. Rail is the cheapest but the longest time taking.. yeah you heard me right "longest" since the train travels from all the states of Malaysia it takes a lot of time & ideally when it should take about 8-10 hours sometimes it might take more than that. Maybe this is the reason the Rail is always at night time & one has options of booking Chaircar seat & sleeper. One can obviously guess which is the comfortable of the two. One can book the Train tickets at Tanjong Pagar Railway station in Singapore while Kuala Lumpur one can do it at KL sentral station. One can get all the related information from this link - Keratapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), www.ktmb.com.my (train times, fares, booking) Map of train routes in Southeast Asia.

Moving to option via Air - well obviously the journey by Air is to save time and its the costliest of the options available, usually preferred by business users. Both Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines offer frequent shuttle flights to and from Singapore and K.L. Tickets are on a first come first serve basis. Alternatively, you could book a seat and pay the regular price. For both Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines, the one-way shuttle service from Singapore to K.L. costs S$115, whilst a booked ticket would cost S$152.
A cheaper way to fly would be to take Air Asia from Johor's Senai Airport instead. The one-way fare from J.B. and K.L. is about RM70 (roughly about S$35). Air Asia flies to many other destinations in Malaysia, like Kota Bharu (gateway to the Pulau Perhentian) and Kota Kinabalu (Borneo). Check www.airasia.com for details.

Another way to fly would be to take Malaysian Airlines from Johor's Senai Airport. The one-way fare from J.B. and K.L. is RM141. To get to the Senai airport, Malaysian Airlines has a bus service which runs from Copthorne Orchid Hotel along Dunearn Road (not far by public bus from our Hostel) to the airport. The bus fare to Senai Airport is S$12 and the bus ride is approximately 2 hours. You have to call Malaysian Airlines at 6336 6777 to book a seat on the bus. For the flight and corresponding bus schedules, check Malaysian Airlines' Singapore website at www.malaysiaairlines.com.sg. A Singapore website with airfares for various destinations from Singapore would be www.airfares.com.sg. But things depend on the time and effort required for doing things like traveling by Bus and then take flights. Well it could work well for families, where one saves quite a lot, but again depends if kids are accompanied it could be taxing for them.

Coming to Bus travel: Lot of bus companies are available for traveling to and from Singapore to Malaysia. One of the best known for timely arrivals and departures are Aeroline, Nice, Transtar, Transnasional to name a few. All these bus companies maintain websites and some of them do also give you an option for booking online at the comforts of your notebooks or desktops. Here are the website details.
http://www.plusliner.com/ - You can only the bus schedules but no e-ticketing - although in Kuala Lumpur they offer delivery service at RM 8/-.
Other than this there are popular terminals both in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur - Golden Mile complex at Beach Road(closest MRT Bugis there is also one booking agent near Novena MRT) and Pudu Raya (central location in Kuala Lumpur) respectively which have n number of companies offering bus travel for transport between KL & Singapore & other popular locations. They are economical & usually could help you get tickets for urgent or unplanned needs.
You can get some more detailed information on the following link:

Hope this is useful to have a few options for bookings.

Happy traveling....

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