Monday, December 28, 2009

Eat Almonds for better Cholesterol Control...

Cholesterol. You know it's bad for your heart and arteries. But you could make it less bad with this crunchy party snack: almonds.
Turns out almonds not only improve cholesterol levels but also help make LDL -- the bad cholesterol -- less likely to oxidize. Which is great, because LDL can do scary things when it's oxidized, like block arteries and cut blood flow to the heart.
Almond Joy
Because oxidized LDL is even more likely to gunk-up your arteries than the unoxidized kind, recent study results on almonds and LDL oxidation helped secure the nut's position in a heart-healthy diet. When older adults with high cholesterol ate a daily handful of almonds as part of a 4-week cholesterol-friendly diet, not only did the nut eaters suffer less bad-for-the-arteries LDL oxidation, but their LDL levels took a nosedive as well. Pass the almonds, please!(Could your cholesterol be hurting your heart? Use this online screener to find out.)
Dance of the Antioxidants
Other good news for the almond eaters: The study subjects' healthy (HDL) cholesterol rose. How do almonds do it? Researchers suspect that the vast array of flavonoids and phenols in the skins play a role -- so be sure to buy whole almonds with the skins on. Those skin-based nutrients may react synergistically with other antioxidants in your body to produce the cholesterol-controlling effects. Shield your heart and arteries with these other disease-busting strategies, too:
Source: Real Age


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Anonymous said...

I have heard of herbal supplements that have an effect on cholesterol levels. Does anyone have experience with this? I read that a recent study found that artichoke leaf extracts can help to lower cholesterol levels. Is this true and does anyone know how effective this is as a supplement? Are there herbal supplements that work? The article I read was from an herb supplier and referenced studies. It was on their blog at