Monday, June 21, 2010

Khwaja mere Khwaja.. Karim Hajee..

It was a lucky day for me when I was traveling back yesterday from Mumbai to KL from my vacation to meet with one of the known faces from recent movies.

I am sure everyone remembers Lagaan & the character who was dumb and played the drum/dhol in the movie. The same person along with his twin brother also figured in Jodha Akbar - in the divine composition of AR Rehman - Khwaja mere Khwaja. You can get a look at them from the following picture.

So this gentleman's name is Mr. Kareem Hajee.... who is identical twin of Amin Hajee..who played as Bagha, the mute drummer in Lagaan. 

Apparently Mr. Kareem got into movies after 13 years. We spoke for about 10-15 minutes and took some snaps, which are attached below. He is traveling to Malaysia for a holiday with his family. He also shared that he is working on a new project with Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali.. and we shall hear about this movie in the coming months.. 

I wish him all the best.... and hope to see him in more interesting roles in the coming years.. 
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dibyendu das said...

I remember both the Hajee brothers from the film Goonj and their terrific dance.Later they featured in many TV ads one that comes to mind is that of a VIP suitcase.Those were the days of growing up teenage years.