Sunday, December 16, 2007

Going on Drive....

After long time of about 6 + years... I got to get back to driving my own car.. which I recently got in Malaysia where I started working recently.. Its really exciting to first of all drive and then again in another country other than India which has lovely roads where you are driving within the city itself at about 60 Kmph on an average..

Its been a little emotional thing for me and my family.. since staying in a foreign country limits lot of things.. and specially driving.. if you are in country like Singapore where it is always better to take public transport and driving or owning a car is a super luxury.. At first I was a bit scared to even to start again with driving a car since I was out of touch for quite some time.. I would usually drive only when i go back to India for holidays.

The good thing about driving in India is that the car used to be serviced and kept all ready during my visit to india.. here it is totally different.. I have to take care of my own car.. look for daily, weekly & monthly schedules for routine checkups and maitenance.. else I could end up having a break down while i am off to an important meeting or something.. So that's again something new after having the habit of having someone at home.. to look after these things or have your familiar "anna" the mechanic in india who will come to pick your vehicle if it is broken down & help you get it back on road..

anyway here I got myself a Service from an agency called AAM - Automotive Association of Malaysia which is dealing with towing services, breakdown maintenance services etc... with RM 100 nominal charges this service is a must for any car on the road, else getting someone to come and tow the vehicle and do the necessary things is high costing :)

anyway I am getting used to doing my chores for the car on the weekends... so that I have a smooth ride during the rest of the week..

today we went to one of the Big malls called IOI mall which is about 15Kms from our home.. although the shopping experience was not too good.. I enjoyed driving and specially with my wife and kid around it is fun to roam around in the city with them.. in the comforts of your own car... and secondly aadi my son really enjoys cars and a die hard fan of the movie "cars" so he is very keen on going on a drive anytime and everytime....

although i haven't gone to some nice place in the car, but whenever I shall i will surely take lot of pictures and post them here.. till then..

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