Sunday, December 16, 2007

Missing Pune

A picture speaks for a thousand words and that's what these pictures in this link are...
You got to see the pictures in this link and then tell me where it is from.. well.... I was zapped by looking at these pics...Aren't they wonderful.. This is what we have in memory about Pune.. the city of hills.. and not another IT Hub of the country...

These pictures were shared by one of the Puneites Mr. Satish Kumar who had been to this lovely heaven on earth... a few days back..

Lavasa city is private hill station that is being built on the backwaters of warsgaon dam around 40 kms from pune.The road to lavasa city is superb. The entire route to lavasa is very beautiful.Themghar dam is also on the same route.

The route Chandinichowk -> Pirangut from here straight road leads to Mulshi and if u take a left it leads to Lavasa city. There will not be any problem as the lavasa signboards guide you through the entire route.You can also take left after Bhukum petrol pump( before pirangut) which leads to mutha village on the Lavasa main road.This route not only reduces the distance but also has nice surroundings.

I would urge my friends in Pune who haven't been to this place to surely visit this place whenever they can and do drop a few lines.. on my blog to tell me more on this place..

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LK said...

Great place Amol! and great pictures by Satish too! How did we miss going here?? Well next time we are all in town together- we should definitely visit this place- I'm going to send this link to my brother so that he can take the family out there :) Thanks again! Great post!!