Monday, January 4, 2010

In response to "No Creative Work Deserves This Treatment!!!!" - Smita

(I decided to put the reply to this post on my blog as well - this is in response to the 3 idiots!!! - no-creative-work-deserves-this - Smita)

Quite a Post!! You are really into it!!

Now coming to the credits portion.. from what i know - Aamir & Kareena have opted to go for % of profits rather than their usual fees.

CB being CB if was so sure of the movies success which he seems to be talking about now - that the credits have been put last - should have worked on similar lines as aamir & kareena and gone for profits if he was really looking at getting spotlight.

Today after 50+ years of film & movies in India cinema industry every now and then there has been copy of movies & scripts etc - but then it is the director,actor & other cast and crew which have made it possible for the movie to go UP or DOWN..

I think it is not just CB or aamir who get the credit but the whole crew is behind the success of the movie - but not always do each and every member get the same attention as the people On-Screen - people offScreen are also equally important & then know what is the importance they shall be given by putting their name in the credits.

I would agree that CB if as you said getting into Bollywood then this is surely a way of getting in with a bang. (positive or negative) - have we forgotten what"Haagen Dazz" tried to do!!!!

Another interesting note you want to think about is:
J K Rowling author of Harry Potter use to write & send it to many publishers in europe & US. One of the secretaries of one of the editors stumbled upon her submission which had been put into dustbin/rejects.She took this back & today we know the fame & popularity it has received.
Surprisingly when this same lady got to meet J K Rowling - she didn't even say thanks to this lady whose hands had turned her fortune.. what do you call that..

I think it is all about opportunities at hand - We in India are still way behind in taking care of copyrights and related matter, but I am sure article like the ones you have posted shall be useful in getting awareness.

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Smita said...


You know the time when CB had signed the agreement for this movie he wasn't a big name and was in no position to dictate terms and may be all this has come to this state.

I strongly feel that success has gine over the head of the filmmakers and they have lost their humility. And i wud say that applies to Rowlings as well. Once we keep tasting success after success we forget that after every up there is a down. The higher you reach bigger fall you will have!!!

Thanks for putting up your perspective :)