Friday, January 22, 2010

You need no title to be a leader

Another one from the Pandora box of Robin Sharma which shakes you off from your routine task that you do to think beyond what you do as routine.. .

Hi Amol,

We have just stepped into The Decade of Leadership. Leadership has not become democratized. Yes, titles and positions are deeply important for the smooth running of every organization. But you need no title to be a leader. Anyone can lead.

In my new book THE LEADER WHO HAD NO TITLE: A MODERN FABLE ON REAL SUCCESS IN BUSINESS AND LIFE (in stores in late March), I distill everything I've learned about what it means to Lead Without a Title. Taxi drivers can lead. Teachers can lead. Farmers can lead. And once we all accept that call on our lives, the whole game will change. "If everyone would only sweep their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean," noted one of the greatest Leaders Without a Title, Mother Teresa.

One of the core elements of the new book is the need for each of us to do our absolute best work - no matter where we are planted. You don't have to be the CEO to make the commitment to becoming the best in the world at what you do. My encouragement is to become the Mick Jagger of The Mailroom, The Bono of Stapler Selling and The Warren Buffett of Bookkeeping. Wherever you find yourself, do your work like Picasso painted - and like Mozart composed. Few things make you happier than knowing you played at your peak.

Finally, may I suggest that the world around you aches for you to lead. Business and society is moving through serious turbulence and uncertainty. And the fastest/best/smartest way to transcend it all is to Lead Without a Title - and step into your leadership best. By innovating at everything you do. By building high-touch relationships at every touch point. By creating value versus grabbing cash. And by being the most positive person in every room you happen to be in.

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