Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Learn to Live "Well in a Smaller Space"

Decorator Lauri Ward has spent years teaching homeowners how to use the furniture and accessories they have to create a fresh and usable new space.
Whether the move to a smaller space is due to a job change, a life change, or a needs change, Lauri has great advice for planning what you'll need, using what you have, saving what you'll be able to use, and getting rid of what won't fit.
"Downsizing Your Home With Style" begins by helping you decide whether to get rid of what you have or if your things are worth saving. Is the piece the right size for your new space, is it in good condition, is it comfortable, or does it have special meaning to you and your family?
I love Lauri's list of things to always keep, including a sofa and matching chairs, armless chairs, any chair that swivels, anything with storage, and matching lamps and end tables.
And just as helpful is the list of things to get ridof like stuff you never use, books you'll never read again, things that are too big or too old, pillows that look old and dated, chairs that are uncomfortable, magazines, newspapers, and personal papers that you won't ever need again.
If you follow Lauri's advice, you'll discover storage space where you didn't know it existed, new uses for furniture that you thought had only one purpose, ways to make your new small space look bigger, and ways to make one room serve two or more purposes. In short, she helps you make a small space really work.
What you won't find in this book is beautiful, full-color photos of extravagant custom-designed, cutting edge rooms. What you will find are great ideas, photos of real homes for real people, and useful tips to make a move to a small space feel not so hard. In fact, clearing out and cleaning out can be very liberating! Try it. You'll see!
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