Friday, May 28, 2010

Back in India.. for Holiday!!!

After a long time I have managed to get a planned holiday and finally have landed in India yesterday. We ( I & my family) took the Airasia flight to Mumbai.. which is a new service started by Airasia from Malaysia.

Its a pleasure to get flights to India from Malaysia at discounted rates which was next to impossible with the other national airline. We enjoyed a great discount and it is package which is flexible for the consumer to package for himself.. This way one tends to go for the services which he essentially requires & wants to pay for.. Airasia offers basic ticket price at a very discounted rate and then based on one's choice as you go on adding for any items like baggage, food, entertainment, seat preference the price tag differs. But the good part is you are designing the package for yourself based on your need and this way you are aware of what you can expect.

The flights are pretty new and it is good to see clean interiors and the bright colors make you feel welcoming.. I liked the concept of Entertainment - you can take a small 5 inch video screen device which has about 6 hour battery time - good enough to last the flight time. This can be rented at RM 30 (about Rs.400) & 2 people can enjoy AV entertainment..

One can also go for Airasia Sovenir or gift buys and apart from this there is inflight shopping available for buying some branded stuff like perfumes.. cosmetics etc.. again at reasonable rates..

The hospitality was the cabin crew.

And finally the flight was in time.. and we made it for the 1st time in the past few years in the day time to Mumbai and back to our home. Hope to enjoy my holidays.. and have a good time with family and friends..

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Smita said...

So how does it feel to be home?Hope u enjoy ur break :)

Will reply to ur mail today :)

Amolsledge said...

thank you... it feels good.. still things sinking in... you know how it is..

will wait for your email..