Sunday, May 30, 2010

so close but still so far

One of my very close friends just got married early last week.. I was supposed to be there, but being overseas in KL, Malaysia and the marriage being in India. I knew it was going to be tough.
Nonetheless, I had told my parents to attend the reception which was to happen on 25th May at one of the well know ceremony halls in my home town. And so my parents had been to the reception.. 

I am down to India on 27th June and was hoping to catch with my long time friend LK.. during his short stint in India.. He is leaving today for US... 

I was hoping to meet with him and congratulate him personally for getting married.. but I guess the timing was a little bad.. He was caught up in reaching out to all his closed ones before he left for US again.. and knowing he won't be back home very soon.. and had hardly any time for us both to meet today and so we just bid each other "all the best" & just spoke over the phone for less than 5 minutes..

We have promised to have a voice chat on Skype or Gtalk soon, once his wife joins him in the US.. I think technology is making one feel the world is closer but if you put the technology aside.. our world is still a very large place.. )

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Smita said...

I agree with you! Not only is the world a larg place but the distances have increased because of the fact that we don't have time to catch upon!