Monday, October 25, 2010

Phone Photography - Phonography

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We were visiting the little zoo at the Mines Resort; where my wife clicked an amazing photograph of a leaf floating near a log in a pool of water.
Many days later, when I told her that I would like to make a painting, she challenged me to turn that photograph of the leaf into a painting.
We were at our son's art class, and the owner who is an amazing painter herself guided me and helped me in making this really challenging painting.

I wish to re-post that earlier written post about the above as part of this contest that Indiblogger has organized; titled 'Phone Photography - Phonography'

The Earlier Post Titled: My first Canvas Painting.

The photo that my wife took - she asked me to paint this

My painting

For the last two Saturday's I have been sitting in with my son in his art class; well not near him, but in the outside area, and guess what I was doing?????
I was attempting my first canvas painting. I used acrylics for this time.
My wife challenged me by asking me to paint one of the photographs that she had clicked some time back during our outing at the Mines Park.
I spent some 7 hours doing this; and as said before I did it over 2 Saturdays.

The teachers at the art school did help and guide me during this attempt. Their help did wonders to the painting.

Do let me know what you think of this painting....I'll be waiting !!

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Nandhini said...

Wonderful painting. Very artistic. Though photographs give us the memory, in the painting form it seems all the more special. Interesting to note that we both have taken almost a similar theme for the contest. Thanks for your vote and comment. Good wishes!

shirisha said...

Its beautiful Amol..
very special..

Smita said...

Long time no post? All OK???