Monday, October 25, 2010

When times change....

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Hi There.. First of all thank you for stopping by on my blog and taking time in reading what I have to say... I shall be more than glad to know your comments and have you all visit my blog again and again.
I have always cherished the memories from my school and college and still tend to do it whenever I get to meet with my friends and spend time with them. I remember after my post graduation lot of my colleagues started with their careers and that seem to be priority one for most of us..
I remember me getting busy as well and was off to Singapore in about 2 years post my post graduation and coming to a country where things use to happen like military precision... .Trains come on time.. people traveling will be very quite and into their own self.. Singapore being know as fine city, I felt talking in trains was something not good.. and I too took onto the trend of listening to music and reading books while traveling to my office.. So i bought a portable CD player & CDs to listen to & enjoyed it.. but also use to get tired of carrying CD player.. (need to do it cautiously so as to not damage the player) have my cellphone & of course the office notebook which started becoming quite heavy and tiring..   I had to keep the cellphone updated with the customer contacts so as to keep in touch whenever required, but then this activity was also becoming cumbersome activity. 
How about - if I could have some way of entering data once in any device and the data moving across to other devices automatically... specially names and phone numbers.. how about the same device also having feature to let me hear songs while i travel and also stop when I get a phone call.. There were some of the things I use to wonder while looking at making life easy for me to manage my work and life.. 
In the mean time being away from my family and friends in other country I use to miss being in touch with them and calling for help like I use to do while I was in India..The phone calls could cost me very high and chatting with them would need me to be in office or somewhere where there was internet. So with all these issues, I kept on looking at ways and means to survive without my friends and family. Then I moved to another country and again there were issues with staying connected with my new friends that I made in the earlier country...
Camera phones were starting to get popular till this time and me too thought of having one.. but when it came to again upgrading the phone by paying high on the new phone and transferring all data into the new phone it was becoming headache... So i didn't go for change.. In the meanwhile, one of the leading companies in the world launched this classic phone which worked on touch concept.. - this device could take picture, one could listen to music and syn contacts directly from my notebook or pc.. wonderful....secondly it was also given functions of a normal phone..I thought this was the best thing for me.. I had made up my mind in going for this phone..   I shared the idea with one of my friends in the US and he supported my opinion of owning this phone...   To my surprise this friend of mine presented me with this phone on my birthday.. and I was thrilled beyond words.. That's how friends.. are they know.. what you deserve.. :))   
When I started explorign this phone I started realizing that there were many applications which could run on this phone which made it easy to stay connected with my friends and family on chat applications.. It also helped me keep tabs on my home budget - let me have a look at my top stock listings around the world.. keep tabs on the time in different parts of the world.. and also tell me about the weather forecast for the specified countries.. being a person on the move and needing to keep tabs on these things in life.. made it  easy for me to fall in love with the phone.. the simplicity of the phone also made it easy for my family and specially my son use the phone for playing games and also to view videos online which were fun to keep him busy and happy at time when I visit malls or am waiting in a queue for something. There have also been applications which let me keep tabs of medicine times and also on appointments at home and work...and all this in one device... I store my favorite pictures as well on my phone to look at them and keep myself excited of going back and seeing them back at home.. and sometimes whom I shall see only after few months or years. They are and will be close to my heart...!!!! The phone has not just been my friend but is become part of my life and still performs its function as a the best possible way....

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Nandhini said...

You've covered several features of a phone. Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. Best wishes!

Neelum said...

You have done a good job with this post, by sharing your personal experiences when you came to SG.
Wish you all the best for the contest !!