Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jitender

He loves his mobile which is " Sony Ericcson" and does not stop praising about the features it has and of course he is a great fan of Sony Ericcson, so mind you if you utter the name of any other mobile brand in front of him. You are sure to have a good debate about the features of the mobiles vis-a-vis his Sony Ericcson.
Second love of his is for photographs and again he loves to talk about a photograph which is taken using a Nikon vis-a-vis any other camera. Ask him how do you know it is a good picture and he will take you to his desktop monitor and zoom a picture with a person's face and show you the difference of a good quality photo against a so so picture. What does he show... well zoom it to an extent where one can count the hair on the face - moustache, beard or even nose hair :))
This is our beloved Jitender Saini. He hails from Dehradun the lovely city on the eastern part of India. We came to know about his birthday today and we got a good reason for getting a treat from him on this lovely occassion.
We all decided to have lunch at Madras Woodlands at Little India. This place is walking distance from Tekka Center bus stop or from Little india station. You have to walk towards the Indian temple near these places. It is very close to Andhra curry & Peshwai if some of you know these places.
We were 7 of us walking in with scorching heat over our heads. We were glad to know they had a Buffet which would cost about SGD 7.90 each. Menu consisted of normal rice, Jeera rice, Dosa, Idli, Sambar, Idli, chutnies, Spinach, dal tadka, indian chinese noodles, veg manchurian, papad, Malai Kofta and to top it up with a apple custard. Of course there was tomato soup at the beginning, but it was not that great. The hotel also has facilities of drinks, soft and hard so if one plans for a party in the evening, they can enjoy with the drinks as well. I am not so sure the rates will be as reasonable as they are for the afternoon buffet.
We all had a nice time feasting on this sumptous lunch and returned to the office, almost starting to plan for another birthday party, which is soon to happen since we got Vijay's birthday on 15th sept. I shall write about where we went to celebrate that..

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