Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zee Sa Re Ga Ma

I am a religious follower for Zee Sa re Ga Ma which has over the years been getting very good talents to the Indian music industry.

I have my favorites in this program & every time I see the show I think the person is closer to clinching the title for himself. I recollect the episode broadcasted in Asiapacific on last Saturday, which had “Mauli” one of the most favorite singers of Bappi Lahiri. The episode had come to a stage where there were 7 contestants and this episode was going to be a decider for one of the participants since there was going to be an elimination to be left with final 6 participants.

Almost at the end of the show, it was time for the decision, when Sumedha & Mauli were the last two contestants called onto stage. Finally Aaditya Narayan announced that Sumdeha is through and Mauli has been eliminated. Hearing this Bappi Lahiri got very angry & walked to the stage and announced and I quote “ public is not voted correct & I donot agree to this decision and that if Mauli does not stay in the competition the TRP rating of the program will not be the same as it was in her presence.” Finally he concluded by saying if Mauli is not there he himself will also not be there & I quote what he said at last : “I am Quit”

This drama was the worst of what I have seen on Zee Sa Re Ga Ma. I could understand the emotions of Bappi Lahiri upto the point where he being a great fan of Mauli and so he hadn’t expected her to be out by the time final 6 were announced. But I felt it was a joke for a person of this experience to start muttering things about Zee or about the TRP rating. Secondly, as Himesh and Ismail Darbar always point out is that public makes or breaks the artist & it is upto them to give a decision. In this case, it was clear that public had chosen the other over Mauli for obvious reasons. There have been occasions when Bollywood stars and TV artists have come to this program and have cleared mentioned that the male singers are superior to the female singers this time round. I think this drama was unnecessary for him to do & if Zee has tried to again achieve a better TRP by doing this stunt. I think it is really poor thing to do. I guess, the good things in the program need to be thought of and projected in the best way to get people to watch the program rather than dramatize things beyond limit.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind as the episode heads towards having the winner, there is ought to be elimination of singers & although someone might be good at earlier episodes but what will matter now is how good the person can hold his nerves as the competition heats up. So the person who can perform at his best and get all the qualities as a singer & performer based on inputs he has got from the mentors will be the ultimate winner. I hope the finish will be as good & thrilling as it has been till date.

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