Wednesday, September 12, 2007

House Hunting in Singapore

House hunting is become a big task nowdays in Singapore after the rise in the prices for rentals or buying houses. One is always on the lookout for sources to find decent houses at reasonable price. Saving money on agent fees is something everyone will be looking out for. Secondly putting an advertisement for rentals & selling houses directly could save owners from the agent fees as well.

Of course this doesn't stop the house agents from putting advertisement for the apartments they have for rental or sale. Here are two sites recommended by one of my colleagues who himself is on the lookout for rental house for himself. do check them out and incase you know of some better websites please do recommend the same.

The websites offer few good services:
One can post your ad for free here regarding one's requirement for house/rooms.

In some cases you can even contact the owner directly so that you can even avoid paying agent fees or you can post your ad with your phone no/email address stating your requirement and many people will contact you.

Hope this helps many of us to find houses/rooms.

Happy house hunting.

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Bryan Norman said...

Good points there.

Another great way to avoid paying agent's fees is going by word of mouth, i.e. browsing the various boards and asking if anyone knows of a unit for rent.

Property turnover here in Singapore is quite high, meaning expats come and go continuously, MNC staff is always on the move.

In practice, this means that newly appointed staff may at times find themselves the subject of HR re-shuffles, which often means the unit they just moved into may now need new tenants or else considerable rent will be forfeited, given the breach of the lease.

These are situations that occur quite regularly. If you're the one to first get wind of a current tenants' early departure, you can save yourself a good deal of rent money by taking over that unit.

Of course it pays not to be too particular in this scenario. Then again, in most of these cases, the properties in question are quite attractive too begin with.

Good luck.