Saturday, September 15, 2007

Vijay's birthday at Bombay Woodlands Restaurant

Today is Vijay's birthday.. but we had the party yesterday for this cheerful and jolly person from our office. It happened so, since we knew Vijay would be fasting today since it is saturday. You heard it right fasting!!! You can find Vijay when you hear a heartful laugh when he and Tanmay specially will share a joke or when you catch Vijay trying to figure out things his own way.. We have been tolerating his N73 from the time, this toy has got into his hands almost about 6-8 months ago.. He shall have a new ringtone everyday.. and will never miss a chance to get a photograph on any occassion in the office... He has made lot of guys in the office change their ringtones...and you bet he has a good choice for these...
You can always see the naughtiness in his eyes... the moment someone says something about any subject.. That's what is another reason...for him being liked by us all.
Well it was a little hard to convince him to take us for this party since he had plans to postpone it for next week, but finally he agreed when there was a total majority..
I found this place on internet - Bombay woodlands which is a branch of the one in Bombay. The place is located at Tanglin Shopping centre at the basement. There are couple other Indian outlets at the same place which I guess are owned or partnered with by them. There is this place Indian Grill which is not too far from this place.
Bombay Woodlands is a Indian Vegetarian outlet, located in the happening Orchard area. You guessed it right, it is pricy.. and so one needs to watch his wallet while planning to dine here. Lunch Buffet costs you 14.90++ & a dinner Buffet is about 16.90++. We had been there during lunch so we opted for the lunch buffet - the items available were - Dum aloo, Paneer, Bottle Gourd, Cauliflower, Tamarind rice(ponni rice), plain rice, Naan, Roti, Papad, Dosa, Idli, chutnies & sweets like gulab jamun and ras gula.
The place has sitting for about 30-35 people when fully packed. There is a nice Hindi music going on at the background. Food is ok, I later came to know it is known for udipi food.. so maybe we didn't find it too good. Anyway, we had a lovely time having food here and celebrating Vijay's birthday and having some sweet memories of this day.. Looking forward to more such celebrations in future..

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