Saturday, December 20, 2008


well for me it is a good day to begin with this section today.. cos it is my best friend's birthday today.. 

so here goes about my dream that I had yesterday.. 

I dreamt about the character Arjun from Mahabharat.. I was viewing a large ground where there are lot of soldiers fighting in the background.. and in forefront I was looking at Arjun..who was clad in white armour, crown & shoes... It was like looking at a giant personality maybe 7-8  feet tall.. and with a superb physique..
I could feel the charisma of this character... somehow... it was very magical.. moment...

I am not sure why I thought of this character as Arjun.. which is what I told my wife that it was Arjun....while discussing this I had another thought.. and that was that why doesn't someone from the media in India make a epic serial or movie and which portrays these characters very realistically..(I know B R Chopra, Sanjay Khan have made attempts at some of these epics & have done good job - but nothing like which can be at a level of something like Lord of Rings or a director like Peter Jackson calibre who can read about Mahabharat and create this epic... hope.. it would be possible.. soon...if someone like aamir khan or Ashutosh Gowarikar... sounds like a dream na..... that's what it is.... :))

well and just a quick note that I have not seen any serials or read anything about arjun in the past few months.. or recent times.. so I am not sure why I dreamt about it.. anyway... 

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Neelum said...

congrats on the first 'dream' feature..Arjun was a great start...I'm sure you will dream of some LOTR character know why ;)