Saturday, December 20, 2008

Get a glimpse of KL traffic

KL and most of the metropolitan cities around the world are known to have heavy traffic jams at peak periods & cause a real nuisance to drive while going to office & while leaving for home. 

I just was able to catch the traffic jam on my iphone you can guess the rest of the story with the traffic jams. 

I and a whole lot of people working in KL have to go thru these traffics jams everyday. It is estimated that everyday 1 million cars come in and go out of KL, since majority of people working in KL stay on the outer boundaries of KL city to avoid the high costs of living within the city limits.

But an unfortunate thing that does occur in major countries and cities is that one car carries one person only most of the times rather than a few sharing the same car based on the concept of "Car Pool". Although we all are concerned with oil conservation & extinction of natural resources workdwide, it is difficult how we as individuals can do better at our end. 

Anyway lot of times it is not feasible to have arrangements like car pooling so one can rely on good public transport system to save on cost & do the little contribution for our earth to be less polluting & moving towards a Greener Earth.
 countries like Singapore have been able to manage & successfully use the public transport to minimise the private vehicles on road & promote greener initiatives. Its a long way for larger countries and cities with an average infrastructure and planning. Hope we can do better to save our can get good tips on what you can do to save earth.. on this link..

All the best to US!!!!!!!!

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