Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What the hell is this Aeroline Bus Service all about!!!!

One of our office colleague (Roy) traveled to India a few weeks back and was scheduled to come to KL by late night 22nd Dec.

Due to reasons like cost & unavailability of direct flight to Kolkatta, he had to take the following route to his destination :
KL-Singapore=by Bus (aeroline) - Singapore - Kolkatta - by flight(Air India express) & return similarly.
In the last week or so prior to his departure he had noticed that the Air India express flights were experiencing problems in reaching their destinations in time due to bad weather.

Now since he was traveling with his wife, 3 year old child and his mom he wanted to have a comfortable journey back to KL from Singapore and had done bookings of Aeroline for the return journey for the 6:45 pm bus.

Sensing he might not make it for this bus he asked for help to his friend (senthil) to get the ticket postponed to a later time. Senthil personally went to their office here in KL & requested the Aeroline crew in all the possible ways to help get the bookings changed even if it meant additional cost. The unfortunate way he was treated and told is hideous. He was asked to present the original tickets for making the change although the friend had taken a fax copy of the ticket. Which world does aeroline operate in !!!!!!!! So no options for Roy but to hope for coming to Singapore on time which was truly in the hands of God almighty & Air India express!!

Well the flight didn't make it at 3:45 pm which is the scheduled time of arrival to Singapore and was almost 2.5+ hrs later and that meant it came by almost 6:30 pm. It was impossible for getting to the Aeroline departure location of Harbour front from Changi Airport with all the transport facilities in Singapore. So Roy finally had to accept that he will have to forgo the earlier ticket bookings. But he then still thought of making it for the 8 pm bus for KL by aeroline. He went to the terminal and requested for tickets for an almost empty bus ( 2 passengers) to be just departing from Harbour front & to this he was told that the bus bookings have been stopped and they cannot issue him tickets for their bus!!!!!!!!!!

Roy was with his wife, child and mom with about 5 luggage bags traveling since 6 am from that day morning just trying to be at KL in time to join his duties the next day at office had to finally board a bus from golden mile complex & he managed to reach at 2 am 23rd DEC.

Hearing this nightmare and having experienced a similar situation with Aeroline.. I have told myself to not plan for travel with Aeroline bus in future..... Hope you all there will also think about this incident and avoid traveling by this bus service, who in the name of punctuality is making life miserable for its customers. I don't suppose the airlines in any part treat their customers in this unjust and ridiculous way..

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