Friday, February 17, 2012

Bosses Worldwide Lack Leadership Skills

This is a good survey - specially.. for the Asia-pacific region.

Global – Bad bosses are causing close to 70% of employees across the globe to switch jobs, a DDI survey has found. 
In fact, 39% of respondents admitted they left a job primarily because of their leader, while 55% said they had considered it. Only 56% said their current leader helps them to be more productive, the ‘Lessons for Leaders from the People Who Matter’ report revealed.

"These findings should be of enormous concern to any business. They show that leaders are failing in their obligation to employees and, therefore, their organisation,” Simon Mitchell, a director at DDI UK, said. “The consequences of managers and bosses with poor leadership skills are enormous, and the impact good leaders have in terms of employee motivation and productivity is significant."

While six in ten respondents reported their bosses have damaged their self-esteem, men (32%) were found to be twice as likely as women (17%) to say that their leader's actions damage the self-esteem.

A further 34% considered their managers to be ineffective at their jobs. Similarly, more men (53%) than women (34%) felt they could be a more effective leader than their current boss.

Across both genders, only 37% said they were "never" or "only sometimes" motivated to give their best to their leader. This feeling affects employee turnover rate, the report noted.

When asked if their leader handles workplace conflict effectively, 42% respondents responded either “never” or “only sometimes”. At the same time, over a third felt their leader either “never” or “only sometimes” listens to their work-related concerns.

Leaders remain stubbornly poor at these fundamental basics of good leadership that have little to do with the current challenging business climate, Mitchell added. “It's important that organisations equip the people managing their workforce with these basic leadership essentials, and that managers are aware of their own blind spots in these areas. The good news for businesses and employees alike is that many of these leadership skills can be learnt."

The survey was conducted across 1,250 full-time employees in non-management positions in US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, India, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

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