Saturday, February 18, 2012

Buying a Car in Singapore

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Buying a car - What you should knowCOE Open Bidding
Given the speed, convenience and comfort, travelling around in a car is very much a luxurious deal, given that owning one in land-scarce Singapore is an expensive affair. It's no wonder that a car is considered to be a liability more than an asset.
However, those who can afford or have a genuine need for it will benefit from an excellent infrastructure supporting it. If you aspire to be one of those, these buying guides might help:
Buying a new carHow to break the illusion on used car pricesCar Registration
Proposed law will cover defects in both new and used cars
Changes should not worry reputable companies which already have best practices in place
Useful Car Resources
Maintaining your vehicle
Keeping your car roadworthy and properly compliant
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Proposed law will cover defects in both new and used cars
Maintaining your vehicle
Find a variety of choice dealers
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