Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let Staff Be Flexible

This was an interesting finding on - Human Resources
New Delhi – A solid 79% of Indian employers agree that allowing flexible working options have increased revenue and productivity.
According to a study by Regus, 77% of leaders linked flexible working directly to revenues, and 72% believe their employees feel healthier because they are able to work flexibly. The same percentage also identified flexible working as a driver of productivity.
Overall, two thirds of firms said flexible working has led to staff generating increased revenue, The Economic Times reported.
“Technology and network improvements as well as worker demands for a better work-life balance have driven flexible working to become the norm rather than the exception,” Madhusudan Thakur vice-president for regional South Asia at Regus, said.
“This survey confirms the business case for flexible working, revealing that global businesses see increased productivity and greater revenue generation as directly linked to flexible working practices.” 
The report, which polled 16,000 senior business managers in 80 countries, also found smaller companies are more open to the idea of flexible working, with 85% claiming their employers encourage them to do so, more than larger companies at 67%.
“As workforce expectations and demands change, part-time arrangements are therefore becoming more common not only for freelancers, working mums and the working elderly, but also generation Y employees going straight into multi-job employment,” the survey noted.

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