Monday, September 14, 2009

Broadband speeds...."Pimp My Broadband"

We got our office located in PJ area and we have Time Broadband service and it sucks quite often while we are in the midst of working our butts delivering something. Funny thing is when it comes to service you cannot take it any more..

Usually the answers we get from the service provider are please check the speed of internet by using Time analytics service. If this shows lower speeds, then they themselves mention that the website is not functioning properly & that we should look for other website which can give better analysis of the speed of our internet. Normally it doesn't end there, they tend to tell us that we have to check with our hardware vendor about compatibility etc... end of the day.. hardly any proactive moves from their side.

Hope things will improve soon & we can benefit from a better broadband.


Friedbeef said...

Great entry :) On a related note, I've been hearing lots of bloggers getting a nice amount of site traffic by joining the contest. Hope the same is happening for you :)

Amolsledge said...

Thank you for visiting my blog & the good words.. I did get some increase in traffic to my blog as soon as I posted my entry.