Monday, September 14, 2009

Tunes you love !!!

I am a fan of serials like American DreamsMonkHouse M.D. to name a few and lot of times I had a feeling that wish I could have the Theme song to make it my Ringtone or something. It's like you fall in love with these serials so much that they become a part of your life.
So me and my wife always use to say that we should look for them and finally today I could spare some time to look for the tunes and guess what.. I stumbled upon this lovely site which only keep tracks of television serial Theme songs... the site is :
The site lets you download tunes and also send them to your friends and pals who would love to have them.. I just downloaded the tunes for the serials I mentioned above and they shall now be ringtones for my favorite people in my contact address of my Iphone
happy downloading....

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