Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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It is important to get a daily dose of things you know but one tends to forget in our busy daily chores. It is never too late to learn about new things & that's why I started subscription to Robin Sharma & love to read the newsletters which are refreshing & provide a newer perspective to the way I look at things. Below is the newsletter for this month... 

Hi Amol,
I'm in Central America as I write this. Finishing up my new book and preparing for a busy Fall, full of presentations, travel and new learning.  Towards the end of the new book, I've written about the best practices that I've witnessed our clients use to play at their leadership best. I wanted to share a few of them with you so as you round out 2009, you feel it's been your best year yet:
1. Affirmations. Yes, this daily tactic sounds cheesy yet it's a fact that the words you speak have tremendous power to affect your emotional state as well as your mindset. Every morning, recite sentences and phrases that will deliver the results you want in the hours that follow. Examples include: "Today I am full of energy and focused on the best uses of my time" and "This day I will see problems as opportunities and be the most positive person in every meeting."
2. Journal writing. Writing in a journal will make you a much cleaner thinker, leading you to much clearer actions. Record what you are learning about yourself and life. List your goals, hopes and dreams. Note your feelings and frustrations. Self-awareness is the foundation of world-class leadership.
3. Goal setting. Without a superbly clear sense of where you are going, you're certain to get lost. Set daily goals. If you've attended one of my leadership presentations, you know my Daily 5 concepts. By setting 5 little goals every morning and ensuring that they get done before you end your day, you'll have achieved about 150 goals in just four weeks and close to 2000 in 12 months. 
4. Relentless learning. These are turbulent times for businesspeople. An antidote to the dramatic change we are experiencing is consistent learning. To stay at your leadership best, make some time to read every day. Read from industry publications, premium business books, inspiring biographies and other materials that will move you to innovate and excel. Also, use your driving time for learning time by listening to audiobooks. And attend many seminars as you possibly can. All it takes is one good idea to revolutionize your career and transform your life.

In Leadership,


Affirmations is something I follow more so in putting some motivating posters in my home near my bedside, so when I get up in the morning, I can have a look at them. It sure does help.

Journal writing - Me and my wife have got ourselves small notebooks where we tend to put our thoughts, aspirations etc. 

Goal setting - i need to improve in this area - daily goals is something which will surely help I think, i shall try to get this in practice.

Learning is what I do from articles like the ones in this newsletter & other stuff which I have subscribed to... but I know I got to improve..  !!!

What about you guys out there.. what are your thoughts on these 4 points?

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