Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Dress for a Job Interview ?---Part--1

Lot is at stake when one is attending an interview - it is like someone getting into a relationship & the partner whom you want to be with is looking at all possible qualities from the prospect & it begins with dressing up for the occassion.. It has to be "YOUR" day if the things are to work out in your favour and everything should be best of the best. Here are some tips which can be used..

Even though you might have already decided what to wear for your interview, it is important that you are aware of Color matching items of clothing such as ties with shirts, blouses with skirts etc. If you are not sure how to Color match items of dress, ask friends, colleagues and family members. Most high street retail stores can assist in Color matching items of dress.

Appropriate Women's Interview Attire

Adopt moderate Colors
Conservative skirt and blouse suit
Conservative shoes
Well coordinated blouse
Moderate jewelry
Make sure you carry a neat hair style
Light Colored hosiery
Moderate make-up
Moderate perfume
Ensure you have neatly manicured nails
Professional briefcase or neat portfolio

Appropriate Men's Interview Attire

Adopt moderate Colors
Adopt moderate Colors: navy or dark grey
Conservative dark suit
White or light blue long sleeve shirt
Good Color-matched conservative tie
Black or dark blue socks,
Black professional shoes
Moderate jewelry
Well cropped neat hairstyle
Moderate aftershave
Well trimmed and cleaned nails
Professional briefcase or neat portfolio

Inappropriate attire for men in an interview

Adopt moderate Colors
Shirts with bright Colors

Inappropriate interview attire for women

Adopt moderate Colors
Low skirts
Excessively high heeled shows
Low-cut blouses
Visible under-garments

We hope these tips will enhance your knowledge on how to dress for a job interview for optimum effectiveness. Remember it is not just knowing what to wear to your interview, you need to color match your attire.


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