Monday, September 14, 2009

What gift did we give our son on his birthday!!

I had shared with you all about the lovely Birthday Cake we had for my son's birthday. I thank you all on behalf of my friend who made that lovely cake.. for leaving your comments about the cake..

Here is what we, me and my wife gave our son on his birthday.. "mind you the list was long, but we could convince him to go with this for the time being..."

I am sure most of you might have heard if not have seen the movie Cars.. Me and my family are a die hard fan of this movie and every time we watch this movie we get to know something new about it.. 

Mega Bloks Disney Pixar Cars Mack and McQueen (7769)

Hours of building fun constructing and recreating Mack and Lightning McQueen's adventures on the road. Includes 40 Mega Bloks building toy blocks and special pieces. Features a buildable Mack and Lightning McQueen plus special parts. Mack's back door open

This was the most loved gift of all for my son... since his collection of the Cars character got a big leap by getting "Mac" whom he was longing for...Next in line is Sally ;)


Smita said...

oh!!! wow Aadi must be on top of the world now :)

Amolsledge said...

You bet!!

That toy comes with him to his bedroom and we have to nowdays push it back to his toyroom..:)