Thursday, September 10, 2009

My son's birthday cake...

The cake was made by one of our friends(my wife's friend to be precise).. this was eggless since it was auspicious time around sankrat month.. Last month..

we had loads of fun at the birthday party.. and the cake was the best thing of all.. with favorite characters of Poccoyo revealed in a very cute way on this cake.. al the kids who attended were familiar with the characters & everyone wanted a piece of the character.. :))


Neelum said...

It's Shravan Month and not Sankrant !!!
Also it was Ganesh Chaturthi on that day !!

Smita said...

Don't tell me that even the Icing was done at home!!!

This is such a lovely cake!!!

So wt did gift did Aditya get from his parents??? :-)

Amolsledge said...

The icing was also done by the same person !! she is amazing with such stuff.
Aaditya got his much awaited truck Mac from the famous movie 'Cars'.
Will post the pictures in another post...

Amolsledge said...

hi amol,

just wanted to say..."awesome cake!"

Shradhha Shah