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DPS International School

DPS International School Singapore is the latest school in the long string of shining gems that are the Delhi Public Schools, which commenced on 19th April 2004 . The school has classes from Nursery to XII. It is located at 36 Aroozoo Avenue Singapore 539842.

The admission criteria for the school is based on age for Nursery where A child entering the school in Nursery should be 2.5 years or above on March 31st with similar criterion for K1 & K2 adding a year respectively. Admission from class I onwards is based on results in previous class. Prospective students have to give an aptitude/entrance test based on which the child gets admissions.

School hours are 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for Nursery to k2, while for Senior School timings are
9.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Parents are allowed to meet teachers between 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. everyday.

School terms begin usually by 1st or 2nd week of April with term ending by Sept mid to end and 2nd term begins from Sept. end till following April month. School vacations are during the month of June.

Fee structure consists of a Registration fee (RF)which is Non refundable payable every year, plus Security deposit (SD) which is refundable again to be paid every year & plus the Tuition fees(TF) which is to be paid in 4 Quarters. On top of this there is a GST of 7% applicable for the tuition & regitration fee.
Annual Fees with break up are as follows: (RF+SD+TF+GST)
Nursery to K2: SGD 6,208 (200+1500+4,200+308(GST))
Class 1-5 : SGD 9,615.50 (1,850+2,500+4,800+465.50(GST))
Class 6-8: SGD 1,0578.5 (1,850+2,500+5,700+528.5(GST))
Class 9-10: SGD 1,1862.5 (1,850+2,500+6,900+612.5(GST))

Fee structure for Class XI-XII (TF#+RF+GST+SD+CLF#)
Commerce Stream:
SGD 7,261.50 (1,950#+2,500+311.50+2,500+0) New Admission
SGD 7,261.50 (1,950#+650+182+0+0) Existing

Science Stream :
SGD 7743 (1,950#+2,500+343+2,500+450#) New Admission - 1st Quarter
SGD 2,568 (1,950#+168+450#) New Admission - 2nd Quarter onwards

SGD 7,743 (1,950#+650+213.50+0+450#) Existing
SGD 2,568 (1,950#+168+450#) Existing - 2nd Quarter onwards

# Denotes fees for 1 quarter = 3 months

NOTE: Sibling fees are 25% less than the above mentioned fees

DPS follows the ICSE curriculum as followed in India.

For more details on the school you can check the following website :

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