Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Kids Love at Vivocity

I had been to Vivocity a few times before I realised that on the 3rd floor of this mall there is a place created like a beach with a water pool which is about knee deep or about 1-1.5 ft which lets the children of about 2 years or so to stand in the water without getting drowned. Vivocity is located at harbourfront MRT station which is also the station one has to get down for getting to Sentosa. Infact there is a monorail station which commences from Vivocity to Sentosa which is the newest attraction from Sentosa management for the tourists. Remember the monorail in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur - which i have mentioned in my earlier blog this is just the same, except the journey is within the sentosa island.

My son, aadi is always thrilled to go to this place since the time we have shown this place. We had been there with our friends family who too has a daughter almost the same age as my son. Both the kids were initially afraid to get into the water, since it appeared deep at the first instance. But eventually looking at the other kids having fun in the water, our kids alos jumped in and started playing with water. I too couldn't resist the tempatation to walk in this water pool and rest my tired legs walking through the hard granite floors of the mall. Faisal my friend was a little shy & conscious initially to play in the water but his daughter got him loose & he too enjoyed playing with us all.

I held my son along his stomach and made him hit his legs on the water like cycling to get him feel he was swimming & surprisingly he did it very well for first timer. He now days swings his hands in such way which shows he wants to go swimming & always look forward to go to a swimming pool and have loads of fun. I am sure the designers of Vivocity had all this fun in mind while building this area. During this time, the parents can have a lovely time watching thier kids play & enjoy these lovely moments. We sure did & love to do it very often. I think these are the places, where we elders get time to be child again and have a carefree fun.

There is one more smaller area which is formed by having some usual things like See-Saw, water fountains which are sort of dancing with the way they have been programmed. I remember couple of kids, a brother and sister playing among these fountains. The nozzles of these fountains are spaced at about 1 foot or so. So these brother sister were trying to pass these fountains, one by one avoiding the water to fall on them and passing each one once it threw water & shut for sometime. Since the fountains were designed for certain display, once in a while the water use to get onto the children which they tried to avoid by bending forward or backward and in this process got wet by the other fountain and we and few other parents sitting by this area couldn't resist laughing aloud. As they say, money can't buy laughter & laughter is the best medicine. It sure holds true here, you dont pay for the display & you gets loads of fun and laughter at this place.

I would give a 5 star for this place for parents with kids.

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