Thursday, August 2, 2007

Global Indian International School

GIIS (Global Indian International School) formerly known as Bhavans located at 1 Mei Chin Road , Singapore 149253 has presence in Singapore providing 4 school levels from Nursery to XII.

The admission crtieria is based on few aspects:
age critierion(For Standard 1 - 5 years complete as of 1st day of Term 1),
Aptitude test
Document checklist consisting of Color Photo (passport size), Passport copy overseas students,) Identification certificate, Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate (from previous school) & Original Mark sheets (if any).

School Hours are as follows
• Kindergarten - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (Monday to Friday)
• Std 1 to 12 - 9:00am to 3:30pm (Monday to Friday)
• Recess for snacks and lunch are at 10am and 12pm:
• Co-curricular activities & ECA (Sports) are held on Thursdays or Fridays.

School term consists of 3 terms:
Term 1 May to July
Term 2 Aug to Nov
Term 3 Dec to Mar


Fee structure consists of a Registration fee (RF)which is Non refundable payable every year, plus Security deposit (SD) which is refundable again to be paid every year & plus the Tuition fees(TF) which is to be paid in 4 Quarters. On top of this there is a GST of 7% applicable for the tuition & regitration fee.

Annual Fees with break up are as follows: (RF+SD+TF)including GST
Nursery to K2: SGD 6,097.30(203.30+1400+1,498#)
Nursery to K2: SGD 5,524.30(230.30+1400+1,284#)Afternoon Session

Topup Fees For Kindergarten To Std I:
Registration KG Top Up Fees: $1,043.25 One time - Total - $3,129.75
Deposit Fees - $1,100.00 Refundable (no GST) - Total - $ 3,300

Class 1-5 : SGD 10,342.24 (2086.50+2,500+5264.40+ 491.34 (GST))
Class 6-8: SGD 10,425.49 (2086.50+2,500+5457+ 381.99(GST))
Class 9-10: SGD 11,387.20 (2086.50+2,500+6355.80+ 444.90(GST))

Topup Fees For Std X to XI :
Registration Top Up Fees: $ 545.70 One time - Total - $1637.10

Annual Fee structure for Class XI (TF+RF+SD) Incl. of GST
SGD 12,772 (7639.8+2632.20+2,500)

Annual Fee structure for Class XII (TF+RF+SD) Incl. of GST
SGD 13,535.98 (8403.78+2632.20+2,500)

  • Sibling Subsidy - A 25% Sibling subsidy will be applicable on the tuition fees for 2 nd child and 3 rd child. The subsidy does not apply to other school fees such as Bus fees or registration fees.
  • School Bus Fees will now be Zonal. Zone 1 will include areas within 3km (by road distance) and will be $115 per month. Zone 2 will be rest of the areas and will continue to be $135 per month.
  • The Deposit fees will continue to be waived for the siblings (2nd and 3rd child) at the time of new admissions
  • Compulsory GIRO – please note that all school fees at all times (except at time of enrollment) have to be strictly paid by Interbank GIRO. GIRO forms are available at or can be collected from school office. This is as per the school policy implemented from 2003.
  • With effect from 1st July 2007, Parents who are not paying by GIRO but by cash or cheque or internet transfers will be subject to following rules.
    Non-GIRO Admin surcharge – A $50 surcharge will be required to be paid for every transaction of fee paid to the school via cash, cheque and internet. The non-giro admin surcharge will be S$50.
    NETS payment surcharge – A 1.5% nets payment surcharge will be applicable on all NETS payments made to school / book shop / cultural centre.
    Fines – All fees paid after the fees payment deadlines will be subject to a flat daily surcharge of S$5 per day.
  • All School Fees are to be paid before the payment deadline dates. Each Academic year consists of 3 Terms, and each Term consists of 4 months.

I shall be giving an idea about the local schools in Singapore and try to compare them with the Indian international schools.


Anonymous said...

is your info accurate...where did u get the info. is it true the best school rated by newsweek ? it seems its not the best school if u beleive this other site GIIS Petition

Amolsledge said...

The information about the school fees etc, I have taken from the GIIS website & tried to give a consolidated and clear picture for understanding.. I am not sure if it is rated by newsweek!! I have seen the link about the petition, it shows 25 signatures.. best thing is to check with existing customers of GIIS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amol for the comprehensive info you have given. Also looked through the
GIIS Petition link
where I see now 139 signatures (you said 25 on Sept 2007 as above)! Most are from unhappy customers..... so I have to rethink.
In any case thank you for your good work.

Anonymous said...

Same impression in GIIS parents & customers blog, see here .

GIIS Malaysia Parent Forum said...

GIIS Malaysia Parents are also trying very hard to improve the school. (we are under the same GIF management). Please visit our website GIIS (Malaysia) Parents Forum .

25% fee hike said...

The above figures are now obsolete.
Tuition fee revised upward by about 25%, bus fees up by 30-35%.
The main reason given by GIIS is land lease cost increase. (GIIS does not own the building or land, it is rented property). On top of it they leased one more campus in Balestier.
Link GIIS Fee Hike

Amolsledge said...

Thanks for the update.

Appreciate your valuable comments.

results said...

The very first comment said about school rating by Newsweek. This is interesting because the singapore GIIS school does not claim anymore about rating by Newsweek or anybody for that matter. School results are getting worse so much so that the school itself seems to have stopped publishing results !

For example CBSE 12 results of Singapore GIIS were published by a group of CBSE 12 parents but NOT published in school's result webpage (so far as of now, please reverify for yourself).
About 16% of students did not pass and their parents are feeling angry about it.

Same is true for last years "IB" results which was also not published by school but the news leaked out fast. This is in IB Results