Thursday, April 23, 2009

Company Boilerplate

I came across this term very recently while I was working towards preparation for an event for my company. I realised that I am not new to what is being done but it is the terminology that I had not heard. So here it goes.

How to Write a Company Description Boilerplate


Plan ahead. Know exactly what you want to tell customers. Your boilerplate should be short so you don't want to waste any words. Remember, the boilerplate tells the media and customers about your company. It is often used over and over again.
Use the heading "About Us" or your company name as the heading. Begin with a strong clear opening sentence. Include your slogan or mission statement in the introduction.
Describe your products and services clearly and concisely. List your strengths but don't get caught up in your greatness. No one will believe you if you go overboard especially if you can't prove your claim.
Offer proof of what you can do. Mention any awards you have received or any important business ranking your company has achieved. Describe what your company does and how they do it. You don't want to say how great your company is without saying why.
State how you can help the customer. Be honest and don't exaggerate. You don't want to say more than you can really do.
Pick your words carefully. Be smart with your word choices. For example, say your company is "one of the best" instead of saying it is "the best." The first choice is more believable.
Use clear language with short sentences and descriptive words. Do not use industry-specific words that potential customers will not understand. Write the boilerplate in a formal tone but remember to keep the customer in mind.
Know your market niche or your target population. Make sure your boilerplate is directed at the customer. Be specific so customers understand what you do. Mention what you do and what you sell.

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