Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sepang F1 - On the wrong side

I had mentioned about I and my family going for the F1 last weekend.. and how I enjoyed my 1st experience. Well not all things were quite to the expectations.. and here are some of the things which were on the wrong side.. 

1) Very very poor traffic control all the way leading to Sepang. Did you know that it took an average of one hour to drive from the tollbooth to the car park... yeah!

2) After fuming for 1 hour, you have to be prepared to pay RM50 to park your car. You should feel grateful to pay the RM50 for such brilliant service and the many brilliant staff deployed to make things so damn smooth for you all. Don't complain. One had to work atleast 1 Km if not less to get to the place where you have to sit or stand to watch the race.... 

3) Now, if we know its probably going to rain, why didn't anyone think of the logistics to cater for such a situation. Puddles forming everywhere, getting larger by the minute. Mall area was not prepared for such a situation, so many areas and events within Sepang F1 were not prepared for the eventuality of raining. 

4) Ask anybody who went there with mats preparing to sit on the grounds. They turn muddy faster than a melting ice cream. Many people came back with an 'unforgettable experience' and some with hives and itches on their bodies. Management DID NOT trim the grass. Management DID NOT fumigate the hillside. 

5) The queues were so long to get in, very poor crowd management.

6) Why push the start time from 3pm to 5pm? Did anyone bothered to tell the Europeans that while 5pm may be better viewing time, the chance of a heavy downpour rises from 40% at 3pm to 80% at 5pm (highly unscientific conclusion based on daily evidence).

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