Monday, April 6, 2009

F1 Race


Its been some thing like a week now that I haven't written anything on my blog.. its been crazy working on different things at work and hardly anytime to check out any thing other than work at all.. 

Well interestingly last couple of days I was busy at Sepang F1 circuit where I was surprisingly able to get hold of concessionary tickets & enjoy the race from a very short distance.

The following statement can precisely explain situation concisely:
"The thing always happen that you really believe in, and the belief in a thing makes it happen"
- Frank Loyd Wright

I had thought of going for the F1 since long time almost 4-5 years but everytime some or the other thing use to happen. This time my brother -in-law planned for coming down specially to see the F1 and this gave me a reason to look forward to go for F1.

I was scouting for the tickets & getting a good bargain and luckily I bumped into a friend whom I had not met for past 3-4 years & he happened to be related to the F1 event in some way & he told me he could do something for me.. & he DID!!!

So there we were myself, my wife, my brother-in-law & my son attending the F1 race & having a good time.. The sound was deafening at the F1 & we were not prepared on the pre-qualifying day. My son was scared of the loud sound & this prompted us to take some action to get him comfortable or then ask him & my wife to stay at home. But then we got these headsets which were meant to close the sound off the cars by wearing them & once aadi(my son) wore them he was enjoying the race & the headsets.

All in all it was fun, an experience, hectic but finally exciting last couple of days for us all.. Do we look forward to race next year.. Well you never know.. 

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