Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Simple Don’t-Get-Fat Formula

Source It’s a fact of life: We tend to gain weight as we get older. But you’ll pack on fewer pounds over the years with this simple formula. 

Walk 2 to 4 hours a week (that’s as little as 30–40 minutes every other day). People in a 15-year study who did this gained less weight during the study period than folks who didn’t walk at all. 

An Easy Step to Take
Although the results were similar for both men and women, the weight benefit was strongest for women who were also heaviest. Overall, the heaviest women in the study gained about 1 pound less per year for every additional 30-minute walk taken each week. Regardless of your gender or size, walking is a super-accessible, easy-to-maintain activity that can help you not only keep extra pounds off but also lose weight, if done regularly. 

Pick Your Passion
Not a fan of walking? That’s okay. Pick any activity you love, and do it regularly to help keep your waist in check. Here are some tips for making it happen:

§  Diversify. It’s fun and it’s free! 

§   Have a goal. Want to burn off that jumbo chocolate chip cookie? 

§  Sneak it into your day. No time to exercise? No problem.


RealAge Benefit: Exercising regularly can make your RealAge as much as 9 years younger.

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